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M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.®
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Current Positions:

Enforcement Agents (Security)

Please E-mail Resume, Certifications and Credentials Below in 'E-mail' or use the 'Contact Us' link.

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.® offers professional security staffing services to fit any situation. Our applicants meeting our strict guidelines are screened with full background checks to include criminal background, past employment, personal references, MVR check, drug screening. Selecting the right individual to match the needs of your security site is extremely important. Personality, communication skills, and people skills are just a few of the traits considered in matching the individual to your job site. Minimal turnover is the result of proper screening and selection of security officers and private investigators.

After determining that an applicant is tentatively qualified for employment, M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.® then conducts a background investigation which includes the following:

†Past employment verification

†Reference check

†Motor vehicle check

†Credit check

†Criminal records check (Federal & State-wide)

†Drug test

†Psychological evaluation

†Physical exam


†Must be Twenty One (21) years of age.

†Must be a High School graduate or GED.

†No Felony Convictions.

†If armed officer, must be certified in firearms through O.P.O.T.A., Act 235/Concealed carry/Law Enforcement Officer OR Armed Certification in the State we employ you and be twenty-one (21) years of age.

**Must Submit Along with Resume O.P.O.T.C./Act 235 and Concealed Carry or if LEO scanned copy or picture of your issued Badge and Agency Identification**

†Must possess a Valid vehicle operator’s license.

†Must not have more than three (3) moving violations on traffic record within the last one (1) year period.

†Must be in good physical condition.


†Initial contact with the applicant.

†Explanation of selection process.

†Background investigation process prepared.

†Initial interview with applicant.

†Return of background application.

†Conduct initial interview.

†Determine suitability for continued.

Background investigation starts.

†A complete and thorough investigation of the applicant’s background and suitability for employment will be done.

This background will consist of the following:

†Complete criminal background search

†Personal reference interviews

†Past/Present employer interviews

†3 applicant neighbor interviews

Applicant will undergo Psychological evaluation and Physical exam (which includes drug testing).

Drug tests are random throughout the course of employment and mandatory after any work-place injury. The following occurrences in the applicant’s background will result in rejection of the applicant.

†Felony conviction.

†Current use of drugs.

†Intemperate use of alcohol.

†Anti-Social behavior.

†Poor work record.

†Poor driving record.

†Numerous debts not regularly being paid.

The applicant’s background will also be considered in terms of moral character, emotional stability, and reputation in the community in which he/she lives.

A final interview will be conducted by upper management of M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.®.

Applicant is hired


·Security Officer (Armed/Unarmed)

·Security Sergeant

·Security Lieutenant

·Security Captain

·Detective Division


·Process Server

·Executive/VIP/Victim Protection

·Private Police Division

·Police Agent




·Special Response Team

If you are interested in employment opportunities with us, please submit your resume and a cover letter for consideration.

Phone: (419) 237-2942

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Serving Northwest Ohio. (With State-Wide Capabilities.) 

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.® 
Northwest Ohio

Phone: 419-237-2942 

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