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M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.
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Public Police are excellent protectors for homes, private communities and retail shopping centers. However, relying on public security may not be enough. A police officer cannot be available to guard your entire premises on a constant basis, and other calls and crimes may take precedence. This is why many companies and business owners turn to private security to handle their 24-hour security-related needs. A private company can guard your premises day and night, and work with the police to make sure that you are not subject to vandalism or break-ins. In the event of an emergency, a private company will ensure an immediate response. M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. is the leader in professional services.

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. is the best alternative to hiring police or a private security company.

With M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau,Inc. on your premises, burglaries and vandalism will be a thing of the past. M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau,Inc. will establish a powerful presence at your facility, making sure that thieves are stopped in their tracks. Criminals will see that your business, retail shopping center, or community, is guarded by a professional private security, Private police agency that knows how to keep them out. With private security, you can make sure that your facility is under constant surveillance and establish a strong security presence. M & M Investigations & Security Service, Inc. officers are professionally trained for expert crime prevention. Our officers routinely guard gated communities, keeping residents and their valuables safe at night. We offer residential patrols to cover an entire gated community. Our patrol service, is a visible deterrent, is a cost effective alternative for on-site service. Our patrol service has brought successful security to many satisfied clients. M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. is ready, willing, and fully capable to handle your private security needs. With M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. in charge of your security operation, your communities, shopping centers, and office buildings will be safe, day and night.

Please read all of our detailed services below and contact us to set up your FREE consultation.


Private Police

Our Private police officers have the same powers as city police officers while enforcing criminal laws and ordinances, well as lease violations. The link between public law enforcement and private police continues to be a strong one. There has to be be a good working relationship between the two sectors (public and private). Communications between the two sectors is extremely important. Our Private Police Officers and the City, County and State Agencies in the cities and counties that we service are in constant communications with one another informing each other of pertinent information. This creates a harmonious working relationship when both sectors are assigned to the same details. Our Private Police are in charge of the Mobile Patrol Division and the Specialized Response Team. At M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc., unlike public law enforcement, our private police officers are ONLY Private Law Enforcement Officers while in the official commission of their duties (on-the-clock, on duty) whether it be uniformed enforcement or undercover. Off duty, the officers are NOT consider to be law enforcement, but rather a private civillian-citizen of the community and have NO powers or authority.

Uniformed Enforcement Agents are available under short and long term contracts. All Enforcement Agents are equipped with radios and backed up by Specialized - Response - Team & Road Patrol Units. Armed and Unarmed Agents available.

Plain Clothes Agents
Plain Clothes Agents are available for special events, retail, business and industry. Available short or long terms.

S.R.T. Agents
Specialized - Response -Team Division,
it is primarily a small highly trained police type force that goes into a property with 3-4 SRT agents, they literally take back the property from the undesirables, and restore peace and make it a safer and nicer place to live.

Road Patrol Units
Marked and unmarked patrol vehicles for premises security, building and property lock-ups and unlocks and checks.

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.'s Security Enforcement operates 24hr mobile patrol units in the Northwest Ohio area. These patrol vehicles are marked, and are operated by armed/uniformed patrolman. Our patrol units provide, and respond to, the following:

Spot Checks (residential, commercial, industrial),

Alarm Response (private alarm contractors, and local police departments),

Private Community Patrols (mobile home communities, sub-divisions, apartment communities), and emergency response.

Spot checks

Spot checks consist of the patrolman entering your property, patroling designated areas, and any other special requests. A spot check will usually last from 15-30 minutes depending on size of property, duties and incidents. Most clients contract spot checks when they are out-of-town, or will be absent from their property. Other clients contract spot checks for evenings, and weekends.

Alarm Response

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. contracts with local alarm companies to respond to their silent alarms. In some cases, thier client would prefer us to respond first, rather than the police, due to costs, and personal interests. If an alarm is activated from the alarm agency, the agency dispatches to our patrolman the address and location. The patrolman will respond to the location of the alarm. If the alarm is false, the patrolman will reset the alarm, and leave the scene. If the alarm appears to be an actual B&E in progress, or other criminal activity, the patrolman will ask for the local police to be dispatched, to assist the patrolman.

Private Community Patrols

A few large communities will hire M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. to provide patrol services. This entails having a patrol unit specifically for the client to patrol thier property. In a private community patrol M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. provides:

Response to complaints (loud music, neighbor dispute, loitering, etc..),

Traffic Control (speed enforcement, cruising, careless driving),

Parking and vehicle violations, and Curfew regulations.

Most of our communities issue speeding violations for problem drivers, in which receiving three (3) such violations will result in the termination of tenancy of the resident.

During patrol services, our patrol officers are on site for a minimum of fifteen minutes per patrol. If a problem is encountered, the patrol officer will remain on site for a reasonable amount of time in order to resolve the problem. Following are some of the tasks completed by our patrol officers:

* Patrol Officers check on the Stationary Officers on all shifts.

* Buildings & grounds foot patrols.

* Enforcement of trespassing, loitering, curfew and lease terms/rules.

* Evictions

* Issuances eviction notices

* Issuance of fines for lease/rule violations a (paid to property owners/management.)

* On Premesis Drug abuse/possesion/sale Control (private raid / rid)

* Site searches for prowlers and suspicious/criminal activity (use of spot light illumination and foot patrol).

* Issuance of parking violation notices.

* Towing of vehicles.

Emergency Response

An advantage that M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. has over other competitors in this area, is that we have the ability to provide our own 'back-up' for our officers. This means that if an officer at one of our sites needs assistance, or has an emergency situation, he can notify the M & M Investigations & Security Service, Inc. dispatcher on the situation, and the patrol unit, as well as our private police officers, for that area can respond to the officer's location. This provides added coverage to our site clients, at no extra cost, and increases officer safety.

Security and crowd control for arenas, sporting events, convention centers, entertainment fairs, conferences, stadiums, and personal business establishments.

We Are Here 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Call Us Phone/Fax: (419)-237-2942....  Whenever and Wherever  You Need Us....

For more information

If you are thinking of initiating a patrol service, or you have more questions in regards to patrol, please feel free to e-mail the patrol division, or you can call us.


Jewelry Escorts, Security and crowd control for arenas, sporting events, convention centers, entertainment fairs, conferences, stadiums, and personal business establishments.

Uniformed or plain-clothes agents can help retail outlets in reducing losses from both internal (staff) and external (customer) sources. M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. can also assist you in identifying and correcting areas of vulnerability, including other means of loss such as waste of resources-including bar and night club spotters and drug use.

We offer services for:
SECURED ESCORTS Personal protection while traveling with large amounts of cash, jewelry, or other valuables is a service often requested by our clients. If you are headed to the airport, a jewelry show, or home with a large purchase, a secured escort ensures your safe arrival. Jewlery Esorts are available for corporations & individuals

County Fairs


Fireworks Outlets

Trailer Courts


Apartment Complexes


Medical Facilities

Office Buildings


Truck Terminals

Shopping Centers

Grocery Stores/Carry-Outs/Drug Stores

Mystery/Secret Shoppers



Construction Sites

Labor Disputes

Parking Lots

Car Dealers

Wedding Receptions


School Events



Towing/Reposession/Recovery Security

Parties & Other Special Projects.

Please E-mail or Call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Phone: 419-237-2942

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Copyright  1995-2024, M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. - All rights reserved.

Copyright 1995-2024, M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. - All rights reserved.