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M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.
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Service of Process

Our services include: criminal/civil summons and complaints, subpoenas, court filings, other court litigation document issues, Citations & Petitions, Temporary, Restraining Orders, Protective Orders, Postings, Motions, Orders, Notice to Show Cause, Certified Mail, Evictions, Building Condemnation, Publications and Secure Pick-up - Delivery / Courier Service.

Services include both personal and businesses. Known difficult serves are undertaken in matters that involve evasive subjects, or assignments that are deemed high risk or otherwise dangerous. High-risk serves are obviously more involved and detailed; therefore, cost will be accordingly with degree of risk and time factor. Where a standard serve will be a flat fee. Difficult serves and lengthy serves will be based on an hourly rate and any incurred expenses plus mileage.

Same day service available on most papers.

Returns made immediately after service.

Multiple service discounts available.

No job too big or too small.

We work nights and weekends.

Available contract services

Process Servers of M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. are obligated to deliver the documents-for-service in a timely manner to the address provided by the client.


The fee for service of process will be the price quoted by M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. to the client. This fee will cover the cost of serving the paper at one address unless otherwise specified in writing. Multiple addresses constitute separate and individual jobs and will be billed as separate and individual services unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all fees for service shall be included with the documents for service. Documents arriving without prepayment included may or may not be served prior to the receipt of a check based solely upon the discretion M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc..


Expenses for expedited returns of service (UPS, FEDEX, etc.) are the responsibility of the client.

Expenses for telephone calls (request by the client) to third-parties, other than the person being served, will be the billed to the client. Generally, M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc.. will not contact third-parties on behalf of the client.

Return of Service

It is the responsibility of the client to provide a return-of-service for the documents to be served.

Phone: (419) 237-2942

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Serving Northwest Ohio. (With State-Wide Capabilities.) 

M & M Investigations & Enforcement Bureau, Inc. 
Northwest Ohio

Phone: (419) 237-2942 

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